Oil Painting Collection

Recent artworks - Summer 2019

This is a portfolio of my artworks that I have made during the last 10 years since I was still a kid. From my very first pictures that I drew my parents to the recently artworks, I am always curious about everything around me, human, nature, school, animals. I like to express them in my own way, sitting quietly, observing carefully and painting them with all of my mind and emotion.

A little bird

Summer 2019
60 x 90cm

In a peaceful morning, in the corner of a library, a surprising bird was discovering the knowledge as vast as the sky. My knowledge helps me fly higher, reach my goals and achieve my dreams.

Raining Day in Old Town

Summer 2019
100 x 150cm

This is the rainy season in Saigon old town.
My childhood was made up by colorful days sitting on my Dad on his motorbike.
I got wet in the rain and sweaty in the sun, but more than that, it was all my memories of the beauty of the sky of sunset after the rain.
In life, I believe that difficulties, like the rain, will go away if we try to work hard and happiness is always there for us to touch.

The Dream of ….

Summer 2019
100 x 150cm
Oil Painting 

My dreams have made me fly higher, but I will always be there for my loved ones. When I  graduate, I will go back and create my own dream in my home country.

Sugars in Ben Thanh Market

Summer 2019
60 x 90cm

Ben Thanh Market is the one of the oldest markets in Ho Chi Minh City. We can see the images of daily life, enjoy foods, lovely souvenirs, are amazed by plenty of colorful kiosks... All I expected to draw in this artwork about my Saigon.

Woman selling in market

Summer 2019 - 43 x 57cm

During this summer, I went out to the street on a motorbike and looking for the everyday activities on busy Saigon streets. I found this woman with the classic Vietnamese conical hat style called “Non La”, selling the Areca nuts and the betel leaves which are symbols of love and marriage in Vietnam. I could feel the passion she was putting into her work and how tough it was to work in the hot summer. This image I took made me think about myself again and tells me how lucky I am to be in this family and able to have the education that I enjoy.

Woman street vendor

Summer 2019
39 x 57cm

Every morning, it doesn't matter to this lady; whether it rains or it's sunny or it's windy, she perseveres and sells her sticky rice. When her customers, who have known her for decades, stop by and say a hello and buy breakfast, she even knows which type is their favorite so they don't have to tell her anything. I noticed that she is always swift but gentle to people who buy her sticky rice.

Golden fish family

2016 - 2019
60 x 60cm

In the Fall of 2016, I was far away from  my home to study abroad.
It’s an image that our family members always live together whether near or far to make us strong and resilient.


Summer 2019
18 x 25cm

My grandma always waited for the summer break when I could return  to Vietnam and fly to Hanoi to meet her. She would always prepare some fruits that I love there and it meant a lot to me.
When I was a little kid, about two years old, my grandmother took me to the garden to pick some plants and fruits and that influenced my love for nature.

I was given a bunch of bananas from my grandmother when she left it on the table for me. I completed this painting in a week for my Grandmother. 


Summer 2019
18 x 25cm

In the summer of 2019, my mother placed these fruits on the table. These fruits are very familiar in Vietnam and they gave me an idea for drawing.
I chose these particular fruits to draw as it reminded of my childhood. I liked to climb up the trees to pick star fruits, lychees, mangosteens, and sugar-apples. that grew in my grandparent's garden in Hanoi.
I decided to create a still-life drawing of the plate and fruits as a gift to my Grandfather.

Golden fish

Summer 2019
20 x 25cm

This Summer, I used a new  technique with a pallet knife to draw a  golden fish.

A pallet knife supports me in making exact color and to draw thicker colors for the background. When I drew this  golden fish with a palette  it required a new skillset.

By Lacquer

Summer 2019
30 x 25cm

I love the heritage of Vietnam from old streets, old houses and vendors on roads at midnight...but the most I’m impressed with is how they keep their traditional customs for thousands of years. This photo I took from a very old temple in Saigon every Monday of the month, they hang up these intent, pray for goodness arrives for the month ahead. The light pot of each sticks shines each others, created a shining circle, which I call "Circle of Light" which is mysterious. Again I want to bring this traditional impression into very contemporary material Lacquer to have a different look and feel in Story of Now and Then.


Pencil Collection

My mom

30 x 41cm

I drew my Mom when I was 10 years old and completed the drawing that year. 
I love my mom’s eyes and her beautiful smile and her soul that  lies within.

My Daddy

2013 - 2016
30 x 41cm

I had started drawing my Dad on his 50th  birthday, but completed it before leaving Vietnam to the US for studying. I could see the ambition in his luminous eyes and his resolute hard-working face.

Squirrel beneath a green leaf in the forest in Hokkaido

Japan in the Summer 2016
30 x 41cm

I was inspired by the nature and wild animals in a Japanese forest. What made me chose this particular image was because I could feel the emotions when the squirrel was sheltering from the rain beneath a green leaf which made me feel light and peaceful.


30 x 41cm

This penguin keeping her baby on mother’s fee symbolize the warmth and effort that my mom gives me every day.


Four seasons

The river which is along the way to my school in Massachusetts gives me a roller coaster of emotions and no words can describe it when the different seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter come into play and how unique each season is. The drawing was also inspired by where I grew up, next to what  seems a magical and mighty river, named Saigon River, and I felt it was connecting me to the wild beauty and of my childhood in Vietnam.

Autumn on the River

Spring on the River

Winter on the River

Summer on the River

Summer 2018

Summer 2018

Winter 2019

Summer 2019


Water Color

Lotus leaf

18 x 25cm

I tried a new technique, water colors and I used it to simulate the lotus flowers floating on the peaceful, sweet West Lake of Hanoi.

My Mom

2015 - 2016
50 x 70cm

I love my Mom so I love all things belonging to my Mom.
Her hair pin is simple, but beautiful. I love my Mom calling  me : “Bé ơi! “ (“My Little Boy”).
I love to draw her long hair.


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